Saturday, 30 November 2013

The start of the Christmas music season: Monteverdi's Maria vespers performed by the Copenhagen Soloists

Conductor Jonathan Ofir rehearsing with the Copenhagen Soloists in the Church
of St. Mary this afternoon.

One reason for why I always look forward to the Christmas season, is that there is such a wide variety of music on offer. The Christmas music season opened today, although I was not able to go the concert that I had planned to attend - Monteverdi's Maria vespers, performed by the outstanding Copenhagen Soloists in "Buxtehude's church", the beautiful Church of St. Mary in Helsingør.

Rehearsing Monteverdi's Mariavesper.

Fortunately I had a chance to listen to parts of the rehearsal in the afternoon. Based on what I heard, those who made it to the concert were in for a treat!

Tomorrow the concert is repeated in Copenhagen's famous Marble Church.

The Church of St. Mary is ideally suited for baroque music performances.

The Copenhagen Soloists is a solistic vocal and instrumental ensemble which specialises in baroque music. It consists of leading vocal soloists, who perform both soli and choir parts, and instrumentalists on period instruments.

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