Wednesday, 10 October 2012

AIDAcara ended the busy 2012 Scandinavian cruise season

Container ship Nor Feeder and AIDAcara passing Kronborg castle tonight.

AIDAcara, one of the regular cruise ships in Øresund this year, tonight passed Helsingborg/Helsingør for the last time this year, marking the end of the busy 2012 Scandinavian cruise season. The popular German cruise ship will return to Scandinavia and Øresund on April 16 next spring.

Quite a few passengers braved the somewhat chilly evening weather and had ventured  out  on the sun decks.
The last destination of this cruise is Oslo.
Welcome back next April, AIDAcara!

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Nyhavn - The popular entertainment disctrict in the heart of Copenhagen

Nyhavn, the 17th century waterfront, canal and entertainment district in the heart of Copenhagen has retained its popularity both among the locals and visitors. In October it's still a lively place, although there are a few more empty tables than during the peak summer months.

Amalienborg - Royal architect Nicolai Eigtved's masterpiece in Copenhagen

A general view of the Amalienborg square, with the Frederick's Church - also known as the  Marble  Church -  in the backround.

The building of Frederiksstaden, a district in Copenhagen which includes Amalienborg, the winter home of the Danish royal family, was initiated by King Frederick V in order to commemorate the 300th anniversary of the Oldenburg family's ascent to the Danish throne in 1748. Amalienborg, consisting of four identical rococo palaces around and octagonal square is the centerpiece of the district, planned by the royal architect Nicolai Eigtved
The four palaces were originally built to house four distinguished noble families, but when the fire of the Christiansborg Palace in 1794 left the royal family homeless, they were aquired for use as royal residences. 
Neither King Frederick V, nor architect Eigtved (who was inspired by Place de la Concorde, originally called Place Louis XV), lived to see the completion of their "ideal city" plan, but their architectural legacy is still there to be admired by later generations. 
Yesterday evening, when I revisited Frederiksstaden, I was once again reminded of the great beauty of Eigtved's masterpiece.

The colonnade between the Schack's Palace and the Moltke's Palace (on the right) was built  in  1795  in order  to connect the royal families.

The equestrian statue of the Frederiksstaden initiator, King Frederick V, was  unveiled  in 1771, five years  after the  king' s death. It took almost 15 years for French sculptor Jacques Francois Joseph Saly to finish the statue, which is considered to be one of Europe's finest equestrian sculptures.

Moltke's Palace (also known as Christian VII's Palace) is primarily used to accommodate and entertain prominent guests, for receptions, and for ceremonial purposes.

A guard in front of the Schack's Palace (also known as Christian IX's Palace), which has been the home of the royal couple since 1967.

From the Amalie Garden, located between the Amalienborg Square and the waterfront,  there is a wonderful view to the Royal Danish Opera's new Opera House.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Sunday surfing in the Sound

This windy afternoon in the Sound was ideal for surfers - although not for beginners!
These seasoned windsurfers quite clearly enjoyed what they were doing:

Flowers on a Sunday morning

These flowers, yesterday on sale at the market, are probably right now adding a nice colourful touch to a number of local homes here in the Helsingborg area.