Friday, 30 August 2013

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Sail yacht Shogun in Helsingborg

Shogun is quite an impressive Swedish owned sail yacht. The yacht (a Finnish built Swan?) was today lying in the Helsingborg marina:

Rooftops in Helsingborg's Northern Harbour


The Northern Harbour is the home of the Helsingborg marina - and a number of expensive seaside residence buildings. Some of them have interesting rooftops ...

I added this image of the rooftop of the Dunker culture centre:

The Tropical Beach in Helsingborg almost empty after a busy summer

The Tropical Beach in Helsingborg has been crowded this summer because of the wonderful summer weather. If the nice weather continues still for a while, weekends will probably be busy at the beach. Today, however, the man in the picture had the beach for himself ....

A lonely swimmer at the Tropical Beach.

Copacabana is far away ....

Flowers and future supermodels in Helsingborg

This afternoon, when waiting for the bus in Helsingborg, I decided to take a couple of photos of these nice flowers, provided by the city:

Two small girls saw that I was shooting, and suddenly they turned the "stage" to a catwalk. Mark my words, these two young ladies will one day be famous supermodels - they have a natural talent for posing in front of the camera ...

The Royal Netherlands Navy´s training ship Van Kinsbergen in Øresund

The Royal Netherlands Navy´s training ship Van Kinsbergen  (A902) entered Øresund early this morning on its way to Copenhagen. The 41.5 m x 9.2 m ship was built by the Damen Shipyards in 1999. The complement: 5 plus 3 instructors and 16 students.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

A late August evening at the Hittarp reef

Evenings are getting clearly darker in the Sound now as we are about to enter the month of September. The cargo ship Marstan (131 m x 20 m) had to use all its lights already at about half past eight tonight. Marstan is heading for Aarhus.

Antigua Barbuda flagged cargo ship Marstan in Øresund.

A "golden" moment at the Hittarp reef tonight.

A few minutes earlier, these people were checking something in the water at the
bathing platform. The port of Helsingborg in the background is about 6 km away.

For a minute the peace was broken by this. However, the young man was clearly
enjoying the ride.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

The Greek tanker Serifos in Øresund tonight

The Greek tanker Serifos was tonight in the Sound on its way to Montreal.

Houses in Hittarp

This was the view from the Hittarp bathing platform tonight. As you can see, the houses in Hittarp are of various age and style:

And this was the view from the platform over to the Danish side of the Sound:

The Kronborg castle and Helsingør tonight, seen from Hittarp.

Cruise ferry Crown Seaways approaching Helsingør

This is the Copenhagen - Oslo cruise ferry Crown Seaways approaching Helsingør yesterday evening:

Monday, 26 August 2013

A Young Seagull at the beach in Hittarp

Today I saw this young seagull at the beach. The "color coordination" was created by the morning sun.

The Danish Royal Yacht Dannebrog in the Sound

The Royal Yacht Dannebrog approaching Helsingør tonight.

The Danish Royal Yacht Dannebrog was this evening going northwards in Øresund. Whether the Queen and the Prince Consort are on board, I do not know. The next official summer cruise is due to begin on September 2:

The Queen and The Prince Consort are on a summer cruise with The Royal Yacht Dannebrog and are paying visits to Skanderborg, Billund/Grindsted, Næstved, Bornholm and Christiansø from 2-6 September.

More about the summer cruise here.

Dannebrog, with the island of Hven in the backround.

A Royal Yacht and a Royal castle.

Cargo ship Baltiyskiy-201 meets a Swedish sailing boat in the Sound

This morning the small cargo ship Baltiyskiy-201 (90 m x 13 m) met a Swedish sailing boat in the Sound.

Eckerö Shipping's MV Transporter in Øresund on its way to Bråviken

This is MV Transporter, one of Eckerö Shipping's forestry product carriers on its way to Bråviken. The Åland islands based shipping company operates a fleet of seven Ro-Ro vessels under Finnish flag. The 122 m x 19 m Transporter entered service in 1991.

The MV Transporter approaching Helsingør.

The MV Transporter close the Danish coast.

Close to Helsingør the Transporter met the Polish tall ship Dar Mlodziezy.

The Polish sail training ship Dar Młodzieży on its way to Skagen

The Polish tall ship Dar Młodzieży is a fairly frequent - and welcome - visitor in the Sound. Today the full-rigged sail training ship (109 m x 12 m) was on its way to Skagen. Dar Młodzieży was launched in 1981 at the Gdansk shipyard, and commissioned for service in July 1982. Her home port is Gdynia.

The classic cruise liner Marco Polo approaching Helsingør on a glorious late August morning

The Marco Polo is - at least in my opinion - one of the most beautiful cruise ships. On this glorious late August morning the classic cruise liner (the 176 m x 24 m ship was built already in 1965) was approaching Helsingør on its way to Copenhagen.

The Marco Polo and the Danish tanker Lotus (87 m x 13 m) approaching Helsingør.
(Due to atmospheric conditions the ships are not as sharp as they should be).

A cormorant watching Marco Polo pass by.

Just another shot.

It was nice to see quite a few passengers on the sun deck enjoying the beautiful morning.

Sunday, 25 August 2013

The Swedish sail training ship Gratitude in the Sound

Yesterday the Swedish sail training ship Gratitude was going northwards in the Sound.
The 23.7 m x 6 m ketch, which was built 1903 in Port Leven (UK) , was originally a trawler. Since 1959 Gratitude has been used as a school ship.