Thursday, 28 November 2013

Norwegian subsea vessel Havila Phoenix on its way to Gdynia

Multi Purpose Offshore Vessel Havila Phoenix on its way to Gdynia. When it returns
it will probably be 17.4 m longer.

The Norwegian owned Multi Purpose Offshore Vessel Havila Phoenix entered the Sound in the morning mist today on its way to Gdynia. The ship is currently undergoing a major conversion, done by the Havyard Ship Technology's shipyard in Leirvik, Norway:

Havyard Ship Technology’s shipyard in Leirvik in Norway has won the contract for a major conversion of the subsea vessel Havila Phoenix. (September 16)

Havila Shipping has signed contract with Deep Ocean who has chartered the subsea vessel «Havila Phoenix» for cable laying and trenching operations. The contract is for seven years with four one-year options and means that the vessel needs to undergo a major conversion before commencing the contract. Havyard Ship Technology will do the conversion, which is scheduled to be finished in March 2014.

Havila Phoenix» is a Havyard 858 design, delivered from Havyard’s shipyard in Leirvik as a construction vessel in 2009. Since then the vessel has had different charterers and executed several different operations in connection with subsea oil production installations. The contract with Deep Ocean includes cable laying and trenching for offshore windmill installations. To enable the vessel for these operations it needs to be lengthened with 17,4 m to accommodate the new equipment. The lengthening means that close to 700 tons of new steel will be installed.
There will be installed a lot of new equipment both on and below the cargo deck. The stern will be reinforced and a 250 tonnes A-frame will be installed, operating together with the existing offshore crane for launching the biggest trencher. This trencher is the world’s largest self-propelled trencher.
Equipment for launching a smaller trencher over the side will also be installed.
A big part of the conversion will be to install the cable laying equipment. This includes installation of a horizontal cable drum with capacity to store 2000 tons of cable.
Havila Shipping is in charge of the marine operations of the vessel while Deep Ocean controls the cable laying operations. Totally around 100 persons will stay onboard during the operations.

The fact that the Havila Phoenix now is on its way to Gdynia probably means that the lengthening of the ship will be done at a Polish shipyard.

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