Saturday, 28 September 2013

Chinese bulk carrier Tonghai in Øresund

Tonight the Chinese bulk carrier Tonghai (187 m c 31 m) passed Helsingør on its way from Terneuzen to Klaipeda. (Tonghai is a county located in the Yunnan Province).


Cement carrier Danavik going to Aalborg

This is the cement carrier Danavik last night in Øresund. The 104 m  x 16 m ship was on its way to Aalborg:

Multipuropse offshore vessel Ramco Star going to Gdynia

Multipurpose offshore vessel Ramco Star passed by in the early morning sun at about 7 AM. Ramco Star (70 m x 20 m) is on its way from Aberdeen to Gdynia (for maintenance?):

Friday, 27 September 2013

Cargo ship Wilson Almeria passing by

The small cargo ship Wilson Almeria (88 m x 12 m), was one of the ships going southward in the Sound tonight. The ship's destination is Szczecin.

Wilson Almeria, with the Helsingør cathedral and the marina.
Wilson Almeria and Kronborg castle.

Tanker Annette Essberger and Kronborg castle

Tanker Annette Essberger and Kronborg castle.
Tonight, just before sunset, the small tanker Annette Essberger (90 m x 14 m) passed by in the Sound on its way to Antwerp.

A wood pigeon high above Øresund

Tonight I saw this nice common wood pigeon sitting on a branch high above Øresund. Who knows, maybe she/he was also enjoying the sight, as much as I did?

Cargo ship Merle on its way to Klaipeda

Cargo ship Merle in Øresund.
The small cargo ship Merle (88 m x 13 m) was this morning going southwards in the Sound on its way from Immingham to Klaipeda.

Merle is registered in Palau, a country it has most likely never visited:

Palau (sometimes spelled Belau or Pelew), officially the Republic of Palau is an island country located in the western Pacific Ocean. It is geographically part of the larger island group of Micronesia. The country's population of around 21,000 is spread across 250 islands forming the western chain of the Caroline Islands.

Thursday, 26 September 2013

General cargo ship Lingeborg on its way to Casablanca

This is the Dutch general cargo ship Lingeborg (123 m x 14 m) in Øresund late this afternoon. Lingeborg left Pietarsaari (Finland) on September 20, and is expected to reach its destination, Casablanca, on October 4.


This time of the year rowanberries are a nice addition to the autumn colours. The red rowanberries are also an important food resource for many birds during the long winter season here in Scandinavia.

Rowanberries can of course also be used as a spice or as an ingredient for jelly.

Rowanberries - excellent winter food for birds.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

A detail of a Dahlia

A detail of a Dahlia in the Sofiero Palace garden:


I added a yellow Dahlia:


A portrait of a sheep

This afternoon I met this nice sheep close to the Sofiero castle park:

The former Maersk Harmony - now Navigator Capricorn - going to Gdansk

This is the newly renamed tanker Navigator Capricorn (160 m x 26 m, built in 2008) on its way to Gdansk this afternoon. Earlier this year the Danish shipping giant Maersk sold the ship - then called Maersk Harmony - to UK based Navigator.
The Navigator Capricorn still is painted in the Maersk colours. Hopefully the
new owners have scheduled a paint job in the not too distant future ...

General cargo ship Ivan Shchepatov in Øresund

The small Russian general cargo ship Ivan Shchepatov (105 m x 16 m) was going northward in the Sound on this beautiful September morning:

I added this image of the Dutch cargo ship Pitztal (110 m x 18 m), also going northward
in the Sound, somewhat later this morning.

Monday, 23 September 2013

Cargo ships Pluto and Oranjeborg met in Øresund

The cargo ships Pluto (88 m x 14 m) and Oranjeborg (158 m x 26 m) this afternoon met at Helsingør. Pluto is on its way to Trondheim and Orenjeborg's destination is Iggesund.

Pluto and Kronborg castle.
Pluto and Orenjeborg meet.
Oranjeborg and Kronborg.

The classic cruise liner Marco Polo on its penultimate visit in Øresund this season

The classic cruise liner Marco Polo approaching Helsingborg/Helsingør.

This morning the Marco Polo (176 m x 24 m) was on its way to Copenhagen in the Sound. In October one more visit to Copenhagen is scheduled for this classic cruise liner.

Sunday, 22 September 2013

A rare visitor in Øresund: The Republic of Korea Navy destroyer Dae Jo-yeong

The Republic of Korea Navy destroyer Dae Jo-yeong was this afternoon going southwards in Øresund (without AIS switched on). The 154.4 x 16.9 m ship, commissioned in 2005, is one of the Korean navy's six 6 KDX-2 class destroyers. The Dae Jo-yeong has a complement of 200 (18 are officers).

Heavy lifting vessel Svanen in Øresund

Heavy lifting vessel Svanen in Øresund this morning.

The heavy lifting vessel Svanen was an impressive sight this morning when it passed Hittarp in the Sound on its way to the Baltic Sea.

The 102.75 x  89.50 Svanen, owned by the Dutch company Ballast Nedam, has a hoisting height (above deck) of 76 m and a lifting capacity of 8700 tonnes.

This is how Ballast Nedam describes their "Swan":

And the jewel in our crown is the 8700-tonne heavy lift vessel Svanen.

As a part of our offshore working method - producing prefabricated elements on land and installing them at sea - we required specific heavy lift equipment. Existing floating sheerlegs were used for the Zeeland Bridge. The Ibis had to de developed for the King Fahd Causeway. This vessel lifts from its centre of gravity, which eliminates much movement of the hoisting load. Following on from this principle, the self-propelled heavy lift vessel Svanen was designed and built for the Storebaelt Bridge in Denmark. Svanen was then enlarged and its lifting capacity further increased to an impressive 8700 tonnes to meet the heavier demands for the Confederation Bridge.
Although originally designed for assembling prefabricated bridges, including the installation of concrete gravity based foundations, this self-propelled catamaran is equally at home in new wind farms, positioning the huge submerged monopiles on which the turbine towers stand. Its lifting capacity is more than sufficient for today's monopiles, which weigh up to 600 tonnes, and its massive dimensions guarantee a stable platform for offshore ramming work. In fact, the Svanen is ready to take on the next generation of monopiles, which will support 5-7 MW turbines weighing 600-800 tonnes and stand in up to 40 metres of water.

I added another picture of Svanen: