Saturday, 21 May 2011

Breakfast on the lawn

                This lady blackbird seemed to enjoy her breakfast on the lawn this morning.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

An oystercatcher in Øresund

This oystercatcher was in search of something else than oysters to eat this afternoon in Øresund. I like the rather elegant body and beak shape of these maritime birds.

I do no think there is a great number of oystercatcher poems, but I found this one from the poetry book "Poems and Sketches Inspired by North Uist" by Mary Lewis.

The Oystercatcher
The oystercatcher is a delight
Dressed in smart black jacket
With pressed white waistcoat
And twinkling eye
But who suggested the bright pink stockings
And vermillion orange beak
Did God arrange this
For the "Servant of Bride"
Who hid Christ in the seaweed
I love this bird
With colours too daring for all
But the likes of a rothko
The discordance tuned so fine
That the absurdity warms the soul
And lights up the day.