Saturday, 14 July 2012

Tractor nostalgia - the Zetor 25

The other day a farmer in my neighborhood, who has an imposing collection of vintage tractors, demonstrated one of his treasures, the Zetor 25 - a tractor which once was quite popular also in the Nordic countries.

That such a quality tractor could be manufactured in the former communist Czechoslovakia clearly shows that the old industrial roots from Austro-Hungarian times have played - and still play - an important role in the region.

Here is brief history of the Zetor 25:

Zetor have been producing tractors since 1947, their first model being a two cylinder four stroke diesel powered "Model 25". Standard features included 6 forward and 2 reverse speeds, independent braking, and a differential lock, which was rarely seen on tractors at the time.
Between 1945 and 1961, Zetor made modifications to the Model 25, and also announced a more affordable tractor - the Model 15. The Model 15 had a 15hp 1 cylinder diesel engine. Zetor also sold a Model 25 A, a more modern, comfortable version of the 25, and a Model 25 K, which was targeted at crop farmers who worked on flat land and wanted more ground clearance.
Production of the 25 A and 25 K tractors ceased in 1961. 158,570 units were built of the model 25 
I was quite impressed by the present Zetor company´s modern productions facilities in Brno, when I visited the factory in connection with their 60th anniversary festivities in 2006.


Here is another favourite tractor from times gone by, the classic Massey Ferguson - maybe tho most popular model during my childhood years:

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