Saturday, 30 November 2013

Christmas Markets in Helsingør

The Christmas "season" in Helsingør (Elsinore) begins officially tomorrow, but a lot of activities and decorations were already today brightening the grey late November day:

Kronborg Castle and the Christmas tree.

A close-up of the Kronborg Castle Christmas tree.

The route to the Christmas market inside the castle is well marked.

This Christmas "hut" is standing in the inner castle yard.

Two "Christmas" swans, with the Christmas tree in the backround.

The swans again.

The largest Christmas market is the one at the Axeltorv square.

Christmas decorations for sale.

Roasted almonds.


Christmas flowers.

Waiting for customers.

The small flower market close to the railways station.

Ordinary shops in Helsingør of course also had their "Christmas markets", with
many customers from Sweden. This one volunteered for the picture.

The wine and liqueur stores had a good day.

A quiet Christmas street.

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