Friday, 22 June 2012

Two Black-headed gulls on Midsummer Eve

                 Two Black-headed gulls on Midsummer Eve evening in Øresund. 

This is how the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds defines the Black-headed gull:

Not really a black-headed bird, more chocolate-brown - in fact, for much of the year, it has a white head. It is most definitely not a 'seagull' and is found commonly almost anywhere inland. Black-headed gulls are sociable, quarrelsome, noisy birds, usually seen in small groups or flocks, often gathering into larger parties where there is plenty of food, or when they are roosting.

Well, at least these two northern black-headed gulls appeared to have rather black heads, and they were not the least quarrelsome and noisy. The just appeared to enjoy the peaceful and calm Nordic summer evening ...

A Lapp reindeer herdsman from the 1920´s

I have no idea how reindeer herdsmen in Finnish Lapland look like now, but if one is to judge from this old photograph, in the 1920´s they could be rather stylish:

Thursday, 21 June 2012

The day before Midsummer Eve in Øresund

Today, on the day before Midsummer Eve, people in the Øresund region enjoyed the nice and sunny weather.

Boat owners were out with their boats ....

Others were out on the pier just enjoying the day ....

I enjoyed the fountain in the center of Helsingborg .....

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Wilson Nantes - the first ship that fulfills the requirements of the EU funnel directive

The Malta registered cargo ship Wilson Nantes - seen here today on its way to Klaipeda - is the first ship equipped with a smokestack that meets the requirements of the the European Union´s new Funnel Directive. By 2016 all ships visiting European ports must have a funnel, the length of which is at least 20% of the ship´s total length. (You can imagine how e.g the Queen Mary 2 will look, with a 70 m funnel!):

The Russian Navy´s salvage tug SB 921 in Øresund

The SB 921 salvage tug of the Russian Baltic Fleet passed Helsingborg northwards this afternoon at about 4 PM. The 68,81 x 115,4m ship, with two SEMT-Pielstick diesel engines (7800hp) was built in 1985 by the Rauma Repola Uusikaupunki shipyard in Finland. In May this year the SB 921 took part in the Baltic Sarex-2012 naval search and rescue excercise off Denmark´s Bornholm island.

The NJK yacht club in the Helsinki South Harbour

NJK (Nyländska Jaktklubben) is the largest and oldest registered yacht club in Finland. The NJK harbour and clubhouse in the South Harbour are among the classical landmarks of Helsinki. They have been "portraited" by a great number of artists and photographers over the years. 

Here are three versions of the NJK in the old days:

The renowned photographer Daniel Nyblin shot this picture in 1893.
This painting by Albert Edelfelt (Now in the Ateneum art gallery in Helsinki)  is from  1899.
Photo by unknown photographer (1920s).

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Costa Voyager and Rotterdam in Øresund

Last night the cruise ship Costa Voyager passed through Øresund for the first time on its way from Copenhagen to Dunqerque. The 180,7 x 25,6m ship has 416 cabins for 832 passengers. The Voyager was built in 1999 by Blohm + Voss in Hamburg

A few minutes earlier, at about 8 PM, the Holland America Line´s M/S Rotterdam had passed by. The 242 x 32 m Rotterdam also came from Copenhagen, and is now heading for Kiel.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

MSC Poesia passing Kronborg castle

Tonight at about quarter to eight the MSC Poesia (293 x 32m) passed Kronborg castle on its way from Copenhagen to Oslo.

The Russian fish carrier Lazurnyy in Øresund

This is the Russian 75 x 12 m fish carrier Lazurnyy passing  Helsingør this afternoon. The destination of the ship is the North East Atlantic Fisheries Commission (NEAFC) fishing area in the Atlantic. 


I corrected the text after reading the comment below. 

NNoN, August 28, 2013

A portrait of a crow

Today, when I was standing on the local beach, I noticed this crow trying to find something to eat.

After a while the bird started walking in my direction.

I tried stand as still as possible in order not to scare the crow away. Then, when it was quite close, I shot this "portrait".

I had forgot to turn off the camera sound, so the next second the crow flew away .....


If you did not know it, crows are very intelligent birds: