Wednesday, 27 November 2013

The Cliff House Restaurant in San Francisco in the early 1890s

This picture of the famous Cliff House restaurant in the San Francisco Bay area is included in the book "Jorden Rundt" (Around the world), published by the Swedish publishing company Bonnier in 1898:

The Cliff House in the early 1890s, before it was destroyed on Christmas night 1894.

The Cliff House has had five "incarnations" since the first one was built in 1858. The one on the picture must be the second one, built in 1863 and destroyed  on Christmas night 1894 due to a defective flue.

In 1896, the owner Adolph Sutro built a new Cliff House, a seven story Victorian Chateau, which burned to the ground on the evening of September 7, 1907, after existing for only 11 years:

The Cliff House Chateau, which burned down in 1907.
(image by wiki)

The present Cliff House is part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, operated by the National Park Service.

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