Thursday, 14 March 2013

Pictures of North American Indians

A Canadian Cree Indian 

When I was a young boy, long ago, I had a rather romantic view of the North American Indians. They were either the wild heroes or - maybe more often - the villains of the comics and adventure books I, and probably most other boys of my age, liked to read.

When I now look at these early 1920s photographs of North American natives, I see proud, but often also very sad faces.

Indians in a reservation in Montana.
Malamut Indians in Alaska.
A Sioux girl.
A young Tlingit woman.
Eastern Canada Indians.
Ojibway Indian from Manitoba.
Young Iroquois woman. 
Pueblo Indians in Tusuque, New Mexico.
Hualapai girl.
Moki girl from Arizona.
Chemehuevi wife with baby.
Stockbridge tribe woman.
Apache Indian workers in Arizona.
Florida seminoles.
Indian chief. 
Apache Indians.
Navajo Indian (Arizona).
Young Seri woman (Arizona).
Apache woman (Arizona).

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