Saturday, 10 August 2013

Freighters in the Sound on a Saturday evening

Below are some of the cargo ships which  this evening were passing by in Øresund:

The Dutch cargo ship Wilson Nantes (12 m x 16 m) on its way to Jelsa.

The Cyprys registered container ship Jork Ranger (141 m x 22 m)
has just passed Helsingborg/Helsingør.

Wilson Nantes meets bulk carrier Zagreb (229 m x 32 m) and the general cargo
ship Puffin (199 m x 23 m).

The Hittarp reef tonight. The Dutch cargo ship Maineborg is the largest of
the three "boats".

The Carnival Legend in Øresund

On this cloudy Saturday evening the large cruise ship Carnival Legend (293 m x 32 m) was going northward in Øresund. The Legend's destination is Warnemunde.

Thursday, 8 August 2013

August evening shades and ships in Øresund

One of the most fascinating aspects of Øresund is that there is not one day or night with the same light. Yesterday evening e.g. there were some nuances I had never seen before, as a number of cargo ships passed by.

The Dutch general cargo ship Pitztal and a Scandlines ferry, with the
Island of Ven in the background.

Pitztal passing Helsingør.

The Piztal and Kronborg castle.

A small unidentified cargo ship passing Kronborg castle. Note the ship's nice design details!

Tanker OW Copenhagen and Kronborg.

A closer look at the OW Copenhagen.

The OW Copenhagen and a small cargo ship meet in the Sound.

The Copenhagen in a spectacular evening light.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

The classic small cruise ship MS Serenissima on its way to Stavanger

The 87 m x 13 m Serenissima is a truly classic small cruise ship. Tonight the ship, which entered service already in 1960, looked great when she was going northward in the Sound on its way from Copenhagen to Stavanger.

MS Serenissama passing the island of Ven.

MS Serenissima approaching Helsingør. Note the small mirage effect on the Island
of Ven in the background.

The Serenissima, a Scandlines ferry and a small freighter meet in the Sound.

The Norwegian Royal Yacht Norge on its way back from Helsinki

This morning the Norwegian Royal Yacht Norge was going northward in the Sound, heading for its home port Oslo. H.M. King Harald is returning from the 8 meter World Championship in Helsinki,  where he competed with his yacht Sira.

The King must be quite pleased with the races - he was seventh among 27 competitors on the overall score board, and in the Sira Cup (named after his own yacht) he was third.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

The sailing cruise ship Star Flyer visits Helsingborg

The Star Flyer, one of the three cruising tall ships in the Star Clippers fleet, today visited Helsingborg for the first time. (Last summer, when the ship was about to arrive at Helsingborg, it had to dock at the other side of the Sound in Helsingør because of the wind).

The four masted Star Flyer (109.7 m x 15.2 m) has a mast height of 68.9 m. There are 85 cabins, with  a max. passenger capacity of 170. The crew number is 72.

The next destination for the Star Flyear is Bornholm.


Monday, 5 August 2013

Container ship Santa Giovanna passing Kronborg castle

German container ship Santa Giovanna (181 m x 30 m) last night passed Kronborg castle on its way to Gothenburg:

Santa Giovanna and Kronborg

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Another glorious summer evening in Øresund

Today we had another evening with magical Nordic summer light in the Sound ...


(The large ship on the third image is Nissan´s
futuristic car carrier City of St. Petersburg.)