Saturday, 24 September 2011

Russian research/survey vessel Heather Sea in Øresund

The Russian research/survey vessel Heather Sea (88x16m) passed Helsingør/Helsingborg this afternoon on its way to Murmansk, where it is estimated to arrive on October 2. The Heather Sea was built in Tacoma by the Todd Pacific shipyard in 1975. Previously it has had two names, Scotoil 6 and Theriot Offshore VI

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Homage to the Delta Rhytm Boys

I have many fond memories of the American vocal group the Delta Rhytm Boys, first formed in 1934 in Langston, Oklahoma, and active for over 50 years. They had many fans in Europe - particularly in Scandinavia - since the 50´s. My favourite singer in the group, the wonderful bass Lee Gaines, died of cancer in Helsinki, Finland in 1987. Hugh Bryant, another fine member, collapsed while performing at Gaines´s funeral and died, probably from a heart failure. 

The Delta Rhythm Boys were later inducted into the Vocal Group Hall of Fame.

Here the Delta Rhytm Boys perform the spiritual "Joshua Fit De Battle Of Jericho" in a Finnish film: 

The Delta Rhytm Boys´ 1951 version of the popular Swedish tune "flickorna i Småland" (the girls in Småland) became a great hit in Scandinavia:

Here you can find out  more about the Delta Rhytm Boys story.