Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Two unforgettable Janine Jansen "family" concerts in Sweden

Janine Jansen, Daniel Blendulf and the "Barrere" Stradivarius after the baroque recital on Monday evening.

Family members playing and singing together has for centuries been one of the most enjoyable ways of making music. Sometimes, a wider audience is given a chance to share the joy on such occasions.

That happened last weekend, when the the amazing Dutch violin virtuoso Janine Jansen performed in two concerts at the Kullabygden Music Festival in Scania together with her Swedish husband, conductor Daniel Blendulf and her father, the renowned organist/harpsichordist Jan Jansen

In the first of the concerts, on Saturday evening, Jansen played the Tchaikovsky violin concerto, with Maestro Blendulf conducting the excellent Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra in the beautiful setting of the Krapperup castle. I have heard several top violinists perform the concerto, but nobody has done it with such expressiveness and delicacy as Jansen. No wonder, she got a standing ovation. 

Father and daugher Jansen at the Brunnby church baroque recital.

The second concert, on Monday evening, was an intimate recital of baroque music, in which Janine Jansen played together with her father Jan. The beautiful small church of Brunnby was an ideal setting for the concert, which included works by Heinrich Biber, Jacques Duphly and Johann Sebastian Bach

Organist/harpsichordist Jan Jansen after the concert.

The father/daughter duo created an unforgettable evening of heavenly music. Janine Jansen's interpretation of the famous Chaconne from Bach's Partita No.2 in D minor for solo violin was a revelation. Hopefully there will be more Jansen/Blendulf "family concerts" in the future!

PS (July 11)
I added a close up picture of Janine Jansen and Daniel Blendulf and images of the concert venues:

The Brunnby church.

The building at the Krapperup castle which has been converted to a concert hall.


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