Friday, 5 July 2013

The historic pilot schooner No.5 Elbe sailing in Øresund

Pilot schooner No.5 Elbe sailing northward in Øresund last night.

The pilot schooner No.5 ELBE is the last remaining ship from the era of wooden ships in Hamburg. The ship, built by Werft von H.C. Stülcken in 1883, served pilots on the Elbe and the German Bight  for 30 years. Then it was used as a private yacht, making 13 Atlantic crossings and even rounded the Kap Hoorn. In 2002, the foundation Stiftung Hamburg Maritim, acquired the ship in Seattle, and brought it back to Hamburg. The meticulously renovated and maintained No.5 Elbe can now be chartered for day trips (up to 35 guests) and longer journeys (12 guests). The ship's homepage contains a lot of interesting information (in German). 

Here the No.5 Elbe has just passed Kronborg castle.

The No.5 Elbe meets the small cargo ship Hagland Boss in the Sound.
At the time of my writing this, the No.5 Elbe is in the Kattegat on its way to Varberg.

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