Friday, 5 July 2013

The Dutch cargo vessel Dongeborg and Kronborg

Dutch cargo vessel Dongeborg and Kronborg castle.

If today would be April Fool's Day, I might have written this caption to accompany the photo of cargo vessel Dongeborg

"The Government of Denmark has, due to severe financial problems, had to sell the Kronborg castle to a private buyer. Here the Dutch cargo ship Dongeborg is carrying the northern facade of the historic castle towards its new home in the Cayman Islands. The name of the buyer has not yet been disclosed, but it is understood that he is a Russian oligarch in need of a residence with lots of space."

Or alternatively, this one:

"The financially troubled Danish government has been forced to find private sponsors for the renovation of the historic castle Kronborg. The main sponsor, German Volkswagen,  insisted that the castle be renamed."

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