Sunday, 30 June 2013

Gdynia Maritime University's training and research vessel Horyzont II on its way to Spitsbergen

This is the Gdynia Martime University's training and research vessel Horyzont II this morning in Øresund. The 56 m x 11 m ship, which was delivered by Navimor International and Remontowa shipyard in 1999, is on its way to Longyearbyen (Spitsbergen). 

This is how the shipyard which built the Horyzont II describes the use of the ship: 

The vessel has obtained the ice class, which allows her to perform its regular sailings to Spitsbergen island in the Arctic Ocean. The purpose of these voyages is to supply the provisions and equipment to Polish research polar stations and at the same time to train on-board the students of Gdynia Maritime University

Occasionally the Horyzont II also accepts tourists as passengers:

Tourist – thanks to high standard of accommodation spaces, spacious mess room and club on-board “HORYZONT II” may be used for tourist escapades, depending on the availability of free accommodation.

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