Thursday, 4 July 2013

Lady M - the world's largest sport yacht - in Øresund tonight

The world's largest Sport Yacht Lady M going southward in Øresund tonight. The speed was just under 20 knots.

Tonight there was a unique visitor in the Sound - the world's largest sport yacht, Lady M  - on its way from Kristiansand to Copenhagen. The 65.5 m yacht, with a top speed of 28 knots, was launched by US yacht builders Palmer Johnson as late as in May this year.

Palmer Johnson President Mike Kelsey recently gave Boat International this information about the boat and its owner:

‘In that she is the largest Sport Yacht that Palmer Johnson – or any other yard for that matter – has built to date, I would say that [Lady M] certainly represents new cutting-edge design and technologies,’ says Kelsey. ‘We are constantly evolving our product line as evidenced by our new SuperSport Series, which is a very different yacht while sharing many familial attributes.’
Kelsey gives a few clues into the closely guarded owner’s brief: ‘I can say that from the very first conversation I had with the owner, it was clear that he wanted a family yacht to enjoy his rare free time with and to have something which truly no one else has to enjoy with his family and friends.

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