Sunday, 17 November 2013

Views from my balcony (19): Dark at 5 p.m.

This is the dark season here in northern Europe. On a fairly clear day, like today, the lights on the Danish side of the Sound brighten up the view:


  1. What a wonderful view to have.

    As an ex-seafarer they would have a hard time dragging me away from it lol :)

    Is this the main seaway between the Kattegat and the Baltic, or is it between the Banish Islands?

    The closest I got to your part of the world during my seagoing career was Hamburg (Germany) and Haguesund (Norway).

    I did however accompany a friend on a very fast rood trip up to the North Cape.
    I had just returned from one of my deployments at sea when they called me up to say someone had fallen ill and there was an extra seat, so off we went.
    We disembarked the ferry from Newcastle (England) at Bergen (Norway), drove to the Nordkapp.
    We viewed the midnight sun, which was our objective, then diid a fast drive back through Finland, and Sweden to Bergen.

    The next time I come to Scandanavia it will be at a more sedate pace so I can take in the sights lol.


  2. Dear John,

    I am glad you like the view (probably the main reason for me to choose this place).

    The strait is Øresund, which is, as you write, the main seaway between Kattegat and the Baltic.

    There is a lot to see here, so I can recommend a visit!