Sunday, 20 October 2013

Villa Thalassa - A spectacular early 20th century residence in Helsingborg

The beautifully located Villa Thalassa is one of the most spectacular early 20th century homes in Helsingborg. The house, designed by the Danish architect Andreas Clemmensen (1852-1928), was built as a residence for the Swedish nobleman Georges von Dardel in 1903.

In the 1950s the villa, which at the time was rented by several artists, became a lively centre of the arts. The city of Helsingborg, which acquired the house in 1957, used it as a youth hostel until 2011.

The present ownership of the villa seems to be somewhat unclear. The city sold it earlier this year to investors, who committed themselves to use the house as a hotel and conference centre. However, it appears that the city has not yet given its final OK to the business plan presented by the buyers.

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