Friday, 25 October 2013

A bird of prey?

Is this a bird of prey?

Late this afternoon, while walking on the sea shore, I almost accidentally pointed my camera on a bird flying above the water. At the time, I did not pay much attention to the bird, which quickly disappeared in a southerly direction. However, back home I had a closer look.

There were many seagulls around at the beach, but surely this cannot be a gull. To me it rather lookslike a bird of prey. My ornithological skills are very modest, indeed, so if somebody can help me out, I would be most grateful!


It is of course difficult to ascertain which bird it is when you can't see the head, but a friend of mine suggested that it could be a Caspian gull, and thus not a bird of prey. So, probably no bird of prey, after all.

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