Monday, 21 October 2013

A NATO spy ship and the Russian tank landing ship Georgiy Pobedonosets within meters of each other in Øresund

The Georgiy Pobedonosets and Navigator facing each other in Øresund. A Danish
fishing vessel is observing the meeting.

This afternoon the Polish Navy's "spy ship" Navigator (its international call sign is SPWY!) and the Russian Navy's Ropucha class tank landing ship Georgiy Pobedonosets were within shouting distance from each other in Øresund, close to Helsingør.

The Navigator is slowly going southwards, while the Georgiy Pobedonosets (112.5 m x 15 m)
 is going "full steam" northwards.

A closer look at the Russian landing ship.

The Navigator most certainly had a great opportunity to test its brand new state of the art optoelectronic recognition and the integrated communication and navigation systems.

The Navigator in a foggy and rainy Øresund.

In January the Naval Shipyard Gdynia reported about the modernization of the
74 m x 12 m Navigator:

On January 29th 2013 the Naval Shipyard Gdynia completed the modernization and installation of the supplemental outfitting  on the vessel of radioelectronic recognition „Navigator”.

The modernization was a very difficult challenge for the Shipyard in hitherto realized projects.
The scope of work commissioned by the Customer included the execution of the vessel’s modernization in the entire range of the equipment ...All systems and devices from the vessel as well as its interior were dismantled and exchanged in 95% for the new ones.
It was necessary to execute technical and constructional documentation by the Shipyard which was indispensable to support new needs of the vessel as well as purchase of devices and materials in the full range of the systems and equipment’s exchange.

Modern systems of the optoelectronic recognition and the integrated communication and navigation system were installed.

The Georgiy Pobedonosets did not have its AIS on when it was going northwards in the Sound, which is why its destination remains unknown at this stage. A year ago the Georgiy Pobedonosets was one of the ships that Russia sent to the Mediterranean in connection with the crisis in Syria.

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