Wednesday, 21 August 2013

The view from the St. Ibb's church on the island of Ven

The medieval church of St. Ibb's, high on a hill above the Kyrkbacken marina, is my favourite location on the island of Ven. They view from the church in all directions is just breathtaking.

Traditional brick houses in the Kyrkbacken port village.

The view from the St. Ibb's to the north-east.

The Greek crude oil tanker Minerva Ellie (229 m x 42 m) approaching Ven
last night. You can see the Kronborg castle in the background on the right.

A local farmer is busy working while the Minerva Ellie passes by on its
way to Ust Luga.

The bulk carrier Twinkle Island (229 m x 32 m, Marshall Is. registry) also on its
way to Ust Luga last night.
The Twinkle Island a couple of minutes later.

A somewhat closer look at the brand new Twinkle Island.

Twinkle Island and a small sailing boat.
From the church hill you can also observe marine traffic in
the Kyrkbacken marina.

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