Sunday, 18 August 2013

Ships in the ports of Åhus and Karlshamn

Åhus and Karlshamn are two small ports close to each other on the south-eastern coast of Sweden. The pictures below were shot in on Monday, August12.

Ships in the port of Åhus. On the left the general cargo ship Arslan 1 (85 m x 12 m),
then an unidentified smaller ship, then the 72 m x 11 m general cargo ship Ilka, and to to right
the container ship Conger (101 m x 18 m).

A Danish yacht and two cargo ships in the port of Karlshamn. On the left the
bulk carrier Sternö, and on the right cargo ship Listerhav (88 m x 15 m).

The Dutch cargo ship Hekla (87 m x 11 m) in the port of Karlshamn.

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