Thursday, 22 August 2013

Fredriksdal Museums and Gardens - A Rather Special Place in Helsingborg


The Fredriksdal Museums and Gardens in Helsingborg is a rather special place:

Nowhere in Europe will you find an equivalent to Fredriksdal. This is Skåne in miniature, with 360,000 square metres of unique settings, buildings and gardens. Here, the history and diversity of the countryside are caringly kept alive. With its museums and gardens, Fredriksdal offers interesting activities for all ages, all year round. --

With its historical parks and gardens, houses and farms, animals, meadows, woods and pastures, all situated around an eighteenth century manor house, a visit to Fredriksdal is like making a journey back into the past.

Below is a selection of images from my visit to Fredriksdal this afternoon:

 The park is built around the manor house from 1787.

The Ågård farmhouse from 1810 shows how farmers in Southern Sweden lived in the early
19th century.
The farmhouse from another angle.

A close-up of the farmhouse.

A farmhouse with traditional local breeds is part of the museum.



Horticultural tours and guided walks are popular among visitors.

You can buy some of the ecologically grown fresh produce right from the garden.

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