Wednesday, 19 June 2013

The beautifully restored former Swedish Royal Navy ketch Ebba Hård af Öckerö visiting Helsingborg

The crew/guests on board the beautifully restored former Royal Swedish Navy multipurpose vessel Ebba Hård af Öckerö were clearly enjoying themselves at the Helsingborg marina last night, probably after a good day of sailing. 

I found a web page with lots of interesting information about the restoration work done on this fast gaff ketch:

Ebba Hård has undergone complete restoration twice during her life. The latest restoration was made to new ship classifications by Ö-Varvet, Öckerö Båtvarv and Ocean Snickeri. These three companies regularly provide her with all maintenance and summer recommissioning. She was originally commissioned as a new build by the Royal Swedish Marine as a multipurpose vessel and built by Djupviks Varv, Sweden. Sleek underwater lines, a rig with rough sea sailing in mind and a strong hull structure are typical features for this kind of ship made at Djupviks Varv. This old rescue and pilot boat manufacturing ship yard is still today the preferred supplier of rescue ships to S.S.R.S, the Swedish Society for Rescue at Sea. She is built using 2" oak planks on tightly spaced 150mm x 100mm oak frames as opposed to the customary thinner pine planks on more spaced out pine frames or the also common pine planks on oak frames. The latest restoration was made to top standard inside and out sporting the highest level of comfort and technological sophistication which is uncommon for a workboat. The emphasis on the latest restoration was comfort at any length of navigation and performance under sail. Ebba Hård is well known for her large low-temp custom made champagne fridge AND beer fridge as well as a built-in humidor. Her fully equipped electric galley is made under the supervision and recommendations of a well known chef. The 30+ bottle wine "cellar" compartment is secluded from the living quarters, close to the hull to provide constant temperature all year round. --

Ebba Hård's latest restoration has made her an altogether very thought through, complete and purposeful ship. No expenses have been spared to achieve only the very best solutions. For next season Ebba Hård is having her sail plan revised and upgraded. She normally sails the southern waters of Norway and the west coast of Sweden with occasional journeys to Denmark, south Sweden, Lake Vänern and Stockholm. Ebba Hård's summer home port is Marstrand.

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