Friday, 21 June 2013

A Tribute to the "Workhorses of the Sea"

Here is my small tribute to the hundreds of small and medium sized "workhorses of the sea" that ply the waves of Øresund every day of the year, even on Midsummer Eve, when most people are celebrating the Nordic summer. They may not look as elegant as the yachts and cruise liners, but by transporting a multitude of products which are essential for the functioning of our societies, they deserve our appreciation.

Container ship Ice Crystal (129 m x 20 m). 

The Ice Crystal seen from another angle.

The Russian oil/chemical tanker Birthe Theresi (88 m 12 m).

One of Birthe Theresi's crew members enjoyng the sights in the Sound.

The Dutch general cargo ship Aspen (83 m x 12 m).

On this picture you can see the captain (or mate) of the Aspen at the steering wheel.

The Turkish oil/chemical tanker Simay G (119 m x 17 m).

The Finnish general cargo ship Josefine (64 m x 11 m).

The Dutch general cargo ship Ice Star (89 m x 13 m).

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