Monday, 17 June 2013

Luxury yacht Skat in the Sound

M.Y. Skat approaching Helsingør on June 17, 2013.

Late tonight, the luxury yacht Skat, owned by Charles Simonyi, a Hungarian-American former Microsoft software executive, was going southward in the Sound on its way from Gothenburg to Copenhagen

The 70.70 m x 13.5 m yacht was delivered by Lürssen of Bremen in 2001 as project 9906. The number is still prominently displayed on the hull, giving the grey ship the look of a military vessel. 

M.Y. Skat and Russian trawler Bratya Stoganovy met close to Helsingør.

Skat is Danish, meaning something like "honey" in English. Simonyi once had a Danish girlfriend who called him "skat". 

(By the way, SKAT (meaning tax) is also the name of the Danish Tax Authority. Hopefully not too many Danes, who see the ship, think that it is the Tax Authority's new tax enforcement vessel!) 

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