Thursday, 2 January 2014

The Swedish community in Paris on their way to meet King Gustaf V and Queen Victoria in 1908

On November 21, 1908, King Gustaf V and Queen Victoria, who were on an official state visit to France, met with the Swedish colony in Paris. Before the reception the members of the colony posed at the stairs leading to the residence of the French minister of foreign affairs. Many of the properly dressed ladies and gentlemen were probably members of the Cercle Suédois in Paris (founded in 1891). I think I also can spot a couple of people, who most likely were members of the fairly large Swedish artist community in Paris at the time.

PS (3.1.2014)
I noticed that the Cercle Suédois accepted ladies as members only in 1936. Thus what I wrote about membership applies only to the gentlemen.

The Swedish community in Paris on November 21,1909, on their way to meet their King and Queen.

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