Wednesday, 1 January 2014

The 2014 New Year's Fireworks in the sky over Øresund

Our Christmas tree came to play more than a supporting role in my pictures of the New Year's "international firework" as observed from my balcony. The Christmas tree was standing right in front of me, so I could not avoid it. On the other hand, I think it actually adds a reference point to the images.

By "international" I mean that I am able to enjoy fireworks both on my side (Swedish) and the Danish side of the Øresund strait. The Danes have a particular liking for fireworks, which is why the "show" usually goes on their side quite a lot longer than here. In the last picture you can see Danish fireworks in action when most of the Swedish ones already had stopped.



  1. Enorma fotografier.
    Kan du njuta av hälsa och lycka 2014 från Kanada.
    (now you can tell me how bad a job Google translate does lol(

    1. John,
      I think Google does a great job in this case. Thank you so much for your comment and the New Year's wishes. I wish you the same!