Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Danish sport divers in action

The diving boat Aquanaut on its way to the Swedish side of Øresund. The bulk carrier Newcastle Max
 and Kronborg castle in the background.

When I first saw this small boat approach the fishing nets close to the Laröd bathing pier, I thought somebody was coming to check the catch.

Aquanaut and the fishing nets close to Laröd.

Preparing for a dive.

However, soon I realised that the people on board the boat where not sport fishermen, but divers from the Helsingør sport diving club Aquanaut, who arrived for a nice late afternoon diving session on the Swedish side of the Sound.

The first diver is already in the water.

The second diver jumps into the water.

A diving flag is installed.

Where are the divers?

The Helsingør diving club's boat is also called Aquanaut. It is a 40 feet former British pilot boat, which since 1987 has been used by sport divers.

The oil product tanker SKS Demini and the Aquanaut.

Relaxing after a good dive.

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