Wednesday, 17 July 2013

The Japanese steamer Hakata Maru and its commander in 1904

Recently I found these two 1904 photographs of the Japanase cargo/passenger vessel SS Hakata Maru and its commander, captain Sommer:

The Hakata Maru in 1904. Where to photo was taken, remains unknown to me. 

Captain Sommer (a German?), the commander of Hakata Maru in 1904.

With the help of a little googling, I was able to find some additional information on the ship on the web:

The Hakata Maru was launched in 1897 at David and William Henderson & Co., Glasgow, for N.Y.K (Nippon Yusen Kaisha) Line's new European service. The 6161 gross tons, 135.6 m x 15.5 m ship had steam triple expansion engines, twin screw. Service speed was 12 knots. 

The Hakata Maru, named after Hakata, one of the oldest cities in Japan (now part of Fukuoka) was scrapped in 1933. 

Recently this painting of the Hakata Maru was sold for $3,675 at a US auction house:

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