Saturday, 20 July 2013

Research vessel/icebreaker Oden in Landskrona

The freshly painted Oden in Landskrona on July 12.

This is the Swedish Maritime Administration's combined escort icebreaker and research vessel Oden on July 12 at the Oresund Drydocks in Landskrona, where it arrived in late May for extensive water blasting and paint work. The maintenance work is probably done, but it appears that Oden is still lying in Landskrona.

The Oden - delivered by the Götaverken Arendel shipyards in 1989 - is an interesting ship:

Oden is owned by the SMA and manned by Viking Supply Ships AB. Oden has since delivery made many expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctic. 
Furthermore, icebreaking operations have taken place in the Baltic during winter time. For the purpose of using Oden as a platform for research activities, SMA has entered into a longtime agreement with the Swedish Polar Research Secretariat.

The polar classed Oden is designed as a combined escort icebreaker and research vessel. In the course of time, Oden has been upgraded and fitted out with advanced scientific equipment and at present the vessel is one of the leading research platforms in the polar oceans. Oden is very flexible and can carry scientific equipment, containerized laboratories, frozen storage, containers, seismic equipment and deep drilling equipment for geological surveys etc. 

On 7th September 1991, Oden became the first non-atomic powered vessel to reach the North Pole and Oden has been to the North Pole five more times since then. In the last years, Oden has also sailed the southern latitudes under a Swedish–American cooperative project, “Oden Southern Ocean”

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