Sunday, 28 April 2013

"Roman Abramovich's floating summer residence" in Øresund

Tonight, about twenty to eight, I noticed this interesting marine traffic approaching Helsingborg/Helsingør:

It was the Danish tug Frigga (34m x 12m) towing a huge load northwards in the Sound. I made a quikc check, and found out that Frigga had left Gdynia with the load two days ago, and is now on its way to Ulsteinvik in Norway.

The outlines of the load became somewhat clearer when Frigga approached Kronborg castle. We were all wondering, what the load actually could be. A friend of mine, noticing that there was a house, a panorama deck and something that looked like a huge "champagne tank", suggested that it might be Roman Abramovich's new, still unfinished floating summer residence.

Danish tugboat Frigga passing Kronborg castle.

When the "floating residence" was on the level of Hamlet's castle, it became obvious that Frigga towed a barge with several sections of a ship (Abramovich's new yacht? No, more likely a future anchor handling supply vessel or something similar). The ship will probably be finalized in a Norwegian shipyard. The "house" on the right is interesting. Maybe it is a more or less permanent part of the barge?

Here the the ship sections are already quite visible.

"The floating summer residence" in front of Hamlet's castle.

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