Monday, 29 April 2013

Dannebrog - the world's most beautiful royal yacht - passes by

Dannebrog passing Helsingør on this rather grey afternoon.

The world's most beautiful royal yacht, the Danish Royal Couple's Dannebrog, passed Helsingør this afternoon, on its way northwards in Øresund. There was no information about the destination, but presumably the ship is on a preparatory "test" trip before the royal "cruise season" is officially opened on the 3rd of May in Copenhagen, when the Royal Couple will make the traditional "embarkment tour" with the Dannebrog to Helsingør. 

Here the tanker Minerva Alice meets the Royal Yacht.

A minute later the Dannebrog and a small cargo ship met.

The official Danish Monarchy webpage gives the following information about the Dannebrog:

The Royal Yacht Dannebrog was named by Queen Alexandrine in Copenhagen in 1931 and hoisted its flag for the first time on 26 May 1932. Dannebrog now serves as the official and private residence for the Royal Couple and other members of the Royal Family when they are on official visits overseas or on summer cruises in home waters. The Royal Yacht also takes part in surveillance and sea rescue operations when at sea.

Some facts about the Dannebrog:
  • Length: 78,43 m
  • Width: 10,40 m
  • Draught: 3,62 m
  • Mast height: 23 m
  • Displacement fully loaded: 1238 tons
  • Main engines: Two B&W Alpha Diesel engines, 870 HP each
  • Speed: 13,5 knots
  • Cruising radius: 3600 nautical miles


If you would like to see a slideshow of Dannebrog's arrival in Helsingør on May 3, click here

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