Thursday, 11 April 2013

A foolproof way of finding out whether a contemporary piece is music or not

Concerts or recitals of classical music nowadays often include works by contemporary composers. Regrettably, many of these contemporary pieces are extremely boring, mainly because they lack the basic ingredient of music - melody.

In reality much of so called contemporary classical music is not music at all, only noise refined by notation. 

One almost foolproof way of finding out whether a contemporary work belongs to the category music, is by looking at the soloist(s). If - at a well rehearsed concert/recital - you can see a stand with the score placed in front of the soloist(s), it means that you are in for a piece of contemporary music, i.e. noise refined by notation. 

A professional soloist - singer or instrumentalist - does not need the score when performing music at a properly rehearsed concert or recital.

Watch these videos, and judge yourself, which category they belong to:

Sometimes listening to refined noise and sound effects can be a rather pleasant experience, but they should not be mistaken for music. 

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