Wednesday, 7 June 2017

The German schooner Johann Smidt in Öresund

The beautiful German schooner Johann Smidt was last night on her way northwards in Öresund

Here is some background info:

The schooner, Johann Smidt, was built in Amsterdam by the Cammenga Shipyard in 1974. She was launched as Eendracht, the first sail training ship for Holland’s Het Zeiland Zeeschip, and took part in many regattas, including Tall Ships’ Races and crossings of the Atlantic.
From the outset she was designed with young people in mind to allow them to enjoy the adventure of tall ship sailing.
In 1989, Eendracht was sold to Clipper Deutsches Jugendwerk zur See, and renamed Johann Smidt after a Lord Mayor of Bremen from the 19th century. .

The young people on board are learning under the roof of the sails and the blue sky. The project “high seas high school” from Hermann-Lietz-Schule Spiekeroog, takes about 25 girls and boys from 15 to 18 to have their classes for half a year on Johann Smidt.

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