Thursday, 26 January 2017

Two Finnish design icons

Two Finnish design icons: Fiskars scissors and Marimekko Unikko fabric:

"Fiskars is perhaps best known for its scissors and their distinct orange colored handles. The first pair was manufactured in 1967 and had been designed to have handles that were going to be either black, red or green. As the prototype went into production, the machinist decided to make a first sample with the orange color he had left over in the machine. This resulted in four different colored prototypes of which the orange and black were the most popular. After an internal vote at Fiskars, the orange color was chosen. That same orange color, Fiskars Orange®, was officially registered as a trademark in Finland in 2003 and in the US in 2007.
The success of the orange handled scissors led to Fiskars international expansion and in 1977 Fiskars founded a scissors factory in the United States which provided a basis for international trade".
"Two pioneering designers set the tone for Marimekko: Vuokko Nurmesniemi in the 1950s and Maija Isola in the 1960s.  Nurmesniemi designed the simply striped red and white Jokapoika shirt in 1956. Isola designed the iconic Unikko (poppy) print pattern in 1964. Marimekko's bold fabrics and bright, simple design strongly influenced late 20th-century taste. Many of the early Marimekko designs, including Isola's Unikko, remain in production in the 2010s". (Wikipedia)

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