Wednesday, 27 April 2016

The official opening of the Royal "cruising season" in Denmark

The Danish Royal Family is in possession of Dannebrog, the world´s most beautiful royal yacht. Queen Margrethe and the other members of the Royal Family use the yacht for both domestic and foreign visits.

The official opening of the royal "cruising season" always takes place in the end of April, with a short trip from Copenhagen to Helsingør. Yesterday it was again time for the traditional opening ceremony in Helsingør. However, the Dannebrog was not able to make port due to the strong wind. With the Queen onboard, the ship had to return to Copenhagen.

The Royal Yacht Dannebrog trying to make port at Helsingør yesterday.

The official car of Her Majesty the Queen returned empty to Copenhagen.

The famous Helsingør Girls Marching Band braved the bad weather.

A member of the Helsingør Girls Marching Band.

Another member of the Marching Band.

The Danish Royal Yacht leaves Helsingør with the Queen onboard.

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