Sunday, 14 September 2014

Pictures from the Helsingborg Marathon 2014

Yesterday, I watched when the best runners of the first Helsingborg Marathon passed the 36 km mark in Laröd. The winner, Henrik Orre, was in a clear lead already in Laröd.

Below is a small selection of images I shot:

Henrik Orre, the winner of the Helsingborg marathon 2014.

Fredrik Landerup (1643) was 9th and Erik Alnervik (33) 12th in the race.

Johan Jofner, 17th in the race.

Tony Lavesson was 21th in the race.

Karin Axelsson won the women´s race.

Andreas Eggers-Lura (Denmark) was 37th in the race.

Lotta Berling was second in the women´s race.

Andreas Wahlberg, 37th.

Richard Håkansson, 42nd.

Christian Svensson, 41st.

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