Thursday, 17 July 2014

The 9th Eurogym 2014 in Helsingborg

The 9th Eurogym 2014 in Helsingborg was exactly what it was supposed to be:
"Performances, workshops and parties, EUROGYM is a huge social non-competitive event for youngsters where everyone is welcome. It starts with an Opening Ceremony “Olympic style”, which is then followed by a gigantic Welcome Party. During the event week the participants will take part in different morning workshops. There are four workshop categories available: gymnastics/acrobatics, dance, fitness and “alternative activities”.

Here are a some happy faces from one of the events:

A member of the Danish team

Members of the Portuguese team posing

These smiling young ladies represented Italy

A member of the Italian team

Two Italian smiles ...

Enjoying the show ...

A member of the Spanish team

Preparing for the performance


  1. It has been and continues to be a dark time for our kind, but I knew if I came to view your pages I would find something uplifting. Here the smiles of youth and children re-inforce in me what is good ////
    Thank you tackar Dig

    1. Thank you very much again for your kind comment! I felt exactly the same when I met these young people!