Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Roses in the Sofiero castle garden

 The Sofiero castle garden and park is wellknown for its flowers, particularly rhododendrons, but roses are also spectacular:


About the Sofiero castle:

In 1905, Oscar II's grandchild Prince Gustaf Adolf, future King Gustaf VI Adolf, and his wife, crown princess Margaret received the palace as a wedding gift. They renovated the palace and started the large Rhododendron garden for which the palace is known today. Prince Gustaf Adolf become king in 1950 and until 1973 Sofiero was his and his second wife Lady Louise Mountbatten's official summer residence. It was supposedly the King's favorite place and upon his death, which occurred in Helsingborg, he left Sofiero to the city of Helsingborg so that the general public could enjoy it as much as he had. (Wiki)

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