Friday, 18 April 2014

Two tankers in Øresund on Good Friday morning

Early on this beautiful Good Friday morning tankers Neverland Angel and Eships Bainunah were on their way southwards in Øresund:

Italian registry tanker Neverland Angel (248 m x 44 m) going southwards in the Sound.

Tanker Eships Bainunah (Gibraltar registry, 122 m x 17 m) on its way to St.Petersburg.


  1. I always like coming to see what sights you have posted of the Øresund and being an ex-seafarer I always like to see what vessels have passed you by.

    I thought you might be interested to see these two images


    Unfortunately I cannot give specific information as there were none on the original Facebook postings, how ever the icing picture does remind me of a couple of occassions it happened while I was at sea but not to this extent.
    The sealions are opportunists lol :)


  3. Unfortunately the links do not appear to be working to my photobucket account.

    Sorry :(

  4. Try these links to see the images: