Friday, 7 March 2014

The Bräcke windmill in northwestern Scania

The Bräcke windmill is beautifully located hight on a hill.

The Bräcke windmill in northwestern Scania is beautifully located on a hill overlooking the Öresund strait. The site, which has had a mill perhaps as early as the 12th century, was probably used for sacrificial purposes already during the Stone  Age.

The view from the windmill to the south.

The current "Dutch type" windmill, originally built in Värnamo about 1850, was re-erected in Bräcke in 1980. Itr replaced a mill which was destroyed by fire in 1946.

The windmill recently got a new roof.

The Bräcke windmill, which is maintained by the Kullens Homestead Association, is in very good working condition.

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