Wednesday, 22 January 2014

In Praise of BBC Radio 3

Thank God, there is still one BBC network, where you can hear English spoken beautifully - the (mainly) Classical music and opera station BBC Radio 3. Of course, the wonderful music on Radio 3 is the main "thing", but it is an added bonus for listeners to get to hear properly spoken English between the musical offerings.   

Internet radio makes it possible to listen to this great station anywhere in the world. I have for years now had my internet radio wake me up to the musical morning programmes on BBC Radio 3. I can't think of a better way to begin my day!

BBC Radio 3 broadcasts all BBC Proms concerts live and in full. This imageis from
last years Last Night of the Proms, with mezzo soprano Joyce DiDonato and
conductor Marin Alsop.

Another image from last year's Last Night of the Proms.

Hopefully they allow BBC 3 to stay as it is; a high quality station for those who enjoy good music - and good English!

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