Sunday, 12 January 2014

Container ship Santa Giovanna and paper product carrier Obbola met in Øresund this morning

This morning German container ship Santa Giovanna (182 m x 29.9 m) took a Swedish pilot aboard off Hittarp in Øresund. Usually container ships of this size do not use pilots in the Sound, but in this case the Santa Giovanna needed the pilot in order to enter the nearby port of Helsingborg:

A Swedish pilot boarding container ship Santa Giovanna.

When approaching Helsingborg, the Santa Giovanna met the Swedish ro-ro paper products carrier Obbola, which was on its usual route to Tilbury:

Santa Giovanna and paper carrier Obbola meet in Øresund.

Paper carrier Obbola and a small (patrol?) boat I was not able to identify:

Paper products carrier Obbola and a small patrol boat.

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