Sunday, 3 November 2013

A tribute to Ulrik Neumann - a wonderful musician in a great musical family

Three posters from the exhibition at the Theatre Museum.

There is a great number of musical families in the history of music. The best known is perhaps the Bach family. In Scandinavia the Danish-Swedish Neumann family is another fine example.

Right now you can see an interesting little exhibition, "The Neumanns - 150 years on the stage", at the Theatre Museum in Malmö.

The guitarist, singer, actor and composer Ulrik Neumann (1918 - 1994) is  probably the internationally most well known member of the family. Together with his sister Gerda he toured successfully in Europe already in the 1940s.

In 1958 - 1961 Ulrik Neumann performed together with jazz violinist Svend Asemussen and Swedish singer Alice Babs in the Swe-Danes trio, in my opinion one of the finest European jazz- and entertainment ensembles ever to hit the stage.

Scandinavian shuffle became a signature song for the Swe-Danes:

Here Alice Babs and Ulrik Neumann perform a wonderful version of  Hoagy Carmichael's "Two sleepy people":


Ulrik Neumann's  Love Walz is a classic in the guitar repertoire:

Ulrik's son Mikael and Mikael's son Tobias are continuing the Neumann family's impressive 150 year old musical and stage tradition, shown in this "family tree", which is part of the exhibition at the Malmö Theatre Museum:

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