Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Three German Navy Gepard class speedboats and tender Elbe going northwards in Øresund

This afternoon three German Navy Gepard class (143 A) speed boats - Gepard S71 (P6121), Ozelot S78 (P6128) and Hermelin S73 (P6123) -  were going northwards in Øresund, followed by their tender Elbe (A511).
Four 3.300 kW diesel engines give the 57.6 x 7.8 m speedboats a top speed of 40 knots (about 74 km/h).  The home port for the Gepard class speedboats is Warnemünde.
Hermelin S73 approaching Helsingør.

Hermelin with the coast of Danish Zealand in the background.

Gepard a few kilometres north of Helsingør.

Ozelot with a foggy Danish coast in the background.

The 100,55 m / 15,4 m / 4,05 m Elbe provides fuel for the thirsty speed boats.
Another picture of the Elbe in the Sound.

Here you can watch the Gepard S71 in action:

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