Friday, 4 October 2013

The Swedish Geological Survey's research/survey ship Ocean Ranger in Helsingborg

This is the Swedish Geological Survey's research/survey vessel Ocean Ranger, moored in Helsingborg on September 30. The SGU uses the 38 m x 12 m catamaran for mapping the seabed:

In order to meet the need for marine geological information, SGU is surveying and mapping the seabed in Sweden’s territorial waters and exclusive economic zone (EEZ). The information thus produced is used in local and regional spatial planning etc., in the planning of marine construction projects, as data for the fishing industry, for military surveillance, and environmental monitoring. The users include individual fishermen, local, regional and national authorities, industry, and the Armed Forces.

To map the seabed, SGU uses a specially equipped survey vessel, Ocean Surveyor, and a small boat for use in shallow waters. To obtain data concerning seabed composition and appearance, various hydroacoustic systems are used, e.g. echo sounders, seismics and side scan sonar. Gravity corers and piston corers are used to take sediment samples. Underwater video cameras are also used.

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