Friday, 11 October 2013

The Rabbit and the Magpie

Today, when I tried to photograph a rabbit resting under a small tree, a magpie landed
in front of the rabbit. The magpie soon noticed the rabbit:
At this stage the magpie had not yet noticed the rabbit.
A moment later the rabbit aroused the bird's curiosity.

The magpie was did not seem to bother the least when the curious magpie closed in on it.

Here the two are gazing at each other at very close distance.

At one stage the magpie almost touched the rabbit, which stayed put.

It looked almost as if the magpie wanted to communicate something to the rabbit.
He did not appear aggressive, although I am aware of magpies attacking rabbits.

Then the magpie saw a crow approach, and decided to leave.

The crow landed and started walking, without showing any interest in the rabbit, which
continued its afternoon rest.

After the magpie "incident" I had a chance to continue my original plan.
Below is a selection of the rabbit pictures I shot this afternoon:




  1. This is a great set of photos! I really enjoyed stumbling across your blog today - you're right that so much of what we see and hear is gloomy, so it's a great idea to create something like this. I hope you keep it going!

  2. Thank you so much for your nice comment! I am glad you enjoyed my photos.